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International Auto Trade Association
Membership Regulations
October 25, 2004

Section 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Definition
The association described herein is the International Auto Trade Association or iATA for short.
Article 2 Administrative Office
1) The head office of iATA is located in Tokyo, Japan.
2) iATA also shall have overseas offices other than the head office.

Section 2 Purpose and Business Development
Article 3 Purpose
The purpose of iATA is to promote global provision of proper and accurate information on Japanese used vehicles so as to help the sound development of the used vehicle market. iATA also takes necessary measures to protect the benefits of buyers and owners of used vehicles based on the regulations established by the Automotive Fair Trade Council of Japan.

Article 4 Business
For iATA members, the iATA provides the following services:

1) Information regarding Japanese used vehicles
2) Internet-base information retrieval service regarding Japanese used vehicles
3) Action and measures for government relations and other industry organizations
4) Development of information systems for the used vehicle export business
5) Publishing of newsletters
6) Other necessary measures for the benefit of members.
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Section 3 Membership
Article 5 Membership
The membership consists of regular, associate and special members from the auto auction business, used vehicle export business, used car dealers, and other related businesses.

Article 6 Categories of Membership
Regular members (exporters), associate members (auto auction, used car dealers, etc.) and special members are defined as those who have entered into a registration contract with the iATA.

Article 7 Requirements for Membership
A regular member shall have a used vehicle dealerÅfs license issued by the National Public Safety Commission, or shall be specifically approved as a regular member by the iATA. An associate member shall be an auto auction company or shall be specifically approved as an associate member by the iATA. A special member shall be specifically approved as a special member by the iATA.

Article 8 Acquisition of Membership
Each member shall be registered with the iATA using the application form prescribed by the iATA. The registration fee, annual membership fee, and other costs shall be itemized in the application form.

Article 9 Membership Fee and Payment Process
Details shall be explained in the application form.

Article 10 Prohibition of Transfer of Membership
Members are prohibited from transferring membership rights to others.

Article 11 Other Prohibitions
Members are prohibited from performing any of acts that may violate the rights, intellectual property, or benefits of the iATA.

Article 12 Expulsion of Membership
In the event that a member violates any provision of the regulations prescribed herein, the iATA may impose penalties on the member, including expulsion.
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Section 4 Internet-base Services
Article 13 ID number and Password

Article 14 Use of ID/Password

Article 15 System Maintenance

Article 16 Exemption from Responsibility for the Services

Article 17 Confidentiality

Article 18 Termination of the Services
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Section 5 Organization
Article 19 Board Members
The iATA shall be managed by its Board Members. The Board Members consist of the President and Directors.

Article 20 Overseas Information Monitoring Committee
The iATA, jointly with information managers of major auto auctions, shall hold overseas information monitoring committee meetings to secure safe and proper provision of used vehicle information.

Article 21 General Meeting
The iATA shall hold general meetings and directorsÅf meetings.
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Section 6 Withdrawal from Membership
Article 22
A member shall have the right to withdraw from the iATA organization according to the prescribed procedures for withdrawal. The iATA shall not refund the membership fee or other fees to the member.
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Section 7 Dissolution
Article 23 Dissolution
The iATA shall have the right to dissolve the association, according to the decision of its Board Members.
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Section 8 Miscellaneous
Article 24 Notice Methods
Members of iATA shall receive necessary notices sent by the iATA via e-mail, post mail, phone call, facsimile transmission and other means of communication.

Article 25 Minor Regulations
Minor regulations other than these regulations shall be established according to the decision of the Board Members.
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